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"The Office": If You Drink, Don't Phone

By admin Published: November 14, 2008


My three favorite moments from last night's episode, after the jump ...

3. Andy and Oscar drunk. First, we get to see Oscar in a way we haven't before. Second, Oscar's quizzing Andy about Angela not only reminds us how much Angela is disliked in the office (since Oscar unquestionably speaks for everyone else), but that in comparison Andy is an all-right guy. As big a doofus as Andy can be, the people he works with are smart enough to know that he is well-intentioned where Angela is just mean. And then, to see Andy's face when he realizes the next day that the call was real ... Ed Helms kicks, doesn't he?

2. Michael on the phone with his boss at the end. Great to see an acknowledgment of how much he cared for Holly, and how miserable he is about being alone. I had to think of his lament a couple of weeks ago that he's going to end up back with Jan, and he hates Jan. Holly was, is, his soul mate. They just need to get him a soul mate who doesn't have a movie career.

And, at the top of my list ...

1. Darryl's strut across the parking lot. His terse text message might have sufficed, especially in taking down Ryan. But the strut made it all that much better in defining Darryl, Kelly and Ryan. (And between Andy's calling and the Ryan-Kelly text, phones were pretty dangerous in this episode.)

You may have had other preferences. Creed rubbing Jim's back was pretty good. And I suppose the reuniting of Jim and Pam, although I haven't been all that taken with the recent developments between those two. And Jim-Pam just didn't seem to be on the same level as the rest. Agree/disagree?

Since I'm talking "Office," it's always good to remember that it's multiplatform funny. Check out the latest entry on Meredith's blog over at

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