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"The Office" Thursday

By admin Published: October 12, 2007

The office
"You're so hot, you could melt all this stuff."

I'll elaborate later, after I finish a couple of assignments. But, in brief, it felt like the weakest episode so far this season, and the second half-hour was especially draggy. ...

The kidnapped pizza kid didn't work, for one thing. Did like the Phyllis-Angela duel. And it's interesting that a happy and secure Jim is also a bit of a jerk. Taking an entire pizza for himself and Pam and their own private party was not an endearing act, as the reactions made clear. And he was either oblivious or indifferent to Dwight's pain, pushing the prank way too long -- when Pam knew that it was time to give Dwight a break.

But Andy-Angela? Such possibilities.

And I see that I have begun elaborating after all. Maybe more later. Anyone else care to share?

In light of the discussion over Jim's behavior, both here and over at What's Alan Watching
I offer this photographic evidence of the reaction to Jim's pizza snag:

Kevin, Creed and pizza

Neither Kevin nor Creed looks pleased.

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