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"The Office" Thursday

By admin Published: November 8, 2007

Half interesting, not all that funny ...

The interesting half was not Michael in the wilderness, with the sole exception of the "I tented my pants" line. The wilderness trip served only as a way to get Michael out of the office so that we could see Jim try to run things. And, in keeping with the recent downgrading of Jim, he proved to be a not-good boss.

Combining birthdays, not listening well, getting snappish about people's requests -- it didn't add up to proof that Michael is in fact a good boss, but it sure added up to evidence that Jim would actually be much worse. But the best thing about this was probably the look on Pam's face when Jim explained his Big Birthday Idea. She knew he was going to fail, and she did not mind at all. Clearly, she has not forgotten his recent disrespect, especially when it came to the Finer Things Club.

Still, as laugh-getters go, this was a pretty mild, and coming off of last week's riotous adventures, it was a disappointment.

But I am wondering what exactly was in Creed's cobbler.

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