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"The Office" Wedding, "Community," "Bones"

By admin Published: October 9, 2009

Working my way through Thursday, after the jump.

Couple of basic points about the hour-long "Office": When the show swings for the fences, it is often less successful than when it just tries to keep doing what it does well. And, where the show's concept involves being squirmy as much as being funny, sometimes there's too much squirmy.

"The Office," as one of my co-workers pointed out, also spoiled one of the warmest moments -- Jim's toast, before he went wrong -- by using it (and overusing it) in the promos. I wasn't as torn up about that, because I thought Jim's Plan A/B/C remarks at the end were compensation enough for knowing about the earlier speech.

Good things, too: Angela and Pam in the hall, Michael with Pam's mom, Meredith generally, Kelly and Erin, Oscar's being offended by the idea that Kevin would be his boyfriend, Dwight's CD for Michael. The wedding-instruction sessions. And, it sure looked to me, Barbara freakin' Billingsley. (OK, I've looked and apparently it was another actress, Peggy Stewart. I am going to continue to think of it as Barbara Billingsley because it's much more amusing in my TV world.)

Bad things, though: The vomiting. The overlong wedding dance, especially since Jim had anticipated it; Dwight as sexual beast, where he was way too mean; Michael's repeated horning in on situations in a Michael way, which was a lot of squirminess. Most of the scrotum bit.

I didn't hate it, and I got a little sentimentaly when Jim and Pam got married at the falls, but it should have been a lot better.

Another often funny "Community," with standout work by Cleveland's own Yvette Nicole Brown, especially with the nipples scene. The weakest part was the psychology-study group, where the reactions to waiting were much too over the top; it made me think the test subjects were faking, and the testers were actually being tested.

I'm a "Bones" fan, as you know, but last night's episode was not an especially strong one. The bride and I figured out the mystery well before the end, and it was overstuffed with story -- the mystery, the Iranian assistant, Booth and son. I like that the show is confident about its ability to do many different things but, as with "The Office," it tried to do too much.

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