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The Parade of Athletes

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 10, 2006

Greece kicks things off, with the countries ''in Italian alphabetical order,'' Costas tells us. NBC has a handy graphic listing the countries in order of appearance. Graphics also show us what the country looks like, its population and other handy information.

''You will not miss a single country in this parade of nations,'' Costas promises as he begins to chatter, knowing that all these shots of people waving are not enough to keep the audience engaged.

Where is Joan Rivers? Someone must ask the athletes ''who are you wearing''? I want to see Kathy Griffin interview Bode Miller.

After seeing half a dozen countries' winter wear, I no longer care whom they are wearing. Lots of padding. Any one of them has enough material to make a hundred of Teri Hatcher's outfit at the Grammys.

OK, what is Italian for ''Belarus''? Since it's after Bermuda in the alphabetical order. Oh, I see on the sign. ''Bielorussia.''

The disco music is pretty odd. And Michael Jackson a bad choice on any grounds. Kathy Griffin would have something to say about that.

Shouldn't ''Repubblica Ceca'' be under ''R''?

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