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The Triumph of ''Nobody's Watching''!

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 21, 2006

Score one for YouTube: NBC is going to make webisodes and develop new TV scripts for ''Nobody's Watching,'' the Bill Lawrence-backed comedy originally planned for The WB. The hope is to start it as a prime-time series later in the 2006-07 season. (You can find the complete announcement here.)

As I mentioned in this blog (see the late-June post ''Hurry...'') and in the Beacon Journal, The WB did not pick up the series but the pilot ended up on YouTube, where it gained a lot of fans, with almost 400,000 views of the first part of the pilot as of this morning. Based on that buzz, Lawrence began talking to reporters, including me, and the show once again caught the networks' attention. Which is good news, because the pilot  -- about two guys from Ohio given a chance to make their own TV comedy -- was hilarious.

The webisodes should start within a month, says NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly. The guys from the show are already out and about in Hollywood, Reilly said, and may pop up at all sorts of show-biz events in the days ahead.

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