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The "Twilight"/Akron Intersection

By admin Published: June 29, 2010

This Black Keys song is on the soundtrack for "Eclipse."

I hope to post a link soon to my "Eclipse" column/review. (UPDATE: It's here.]One thing I meant to note in it: the career weirdness of Anna Kendrick. She was delightful in "Up in the Air" (based on the book by Akron's own Walter Kirn and with a tune by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach on the soundtrack). She was even Oscar-nominated for her performance.

Based on evidence to date, she's a much better actor than the "Twilight" Big Three. But more people have seen her in her small "Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse" role than saw her in "Up in the Air." That movie made less money worldwide than "Twilight" alone made just in North America. (See Box Office Mojo.) And "New Moon" made even more than "Twilight."

Getting back to the Black Keys, you may have noticed the distinctive look of their new CD "Brothers," reflected in the video above. I wondered if designer Michael Carney was influenced by this late-'60s LP:

(My original LP of the cover, by the way, has the lettering in red.) Turns out that Carney was aware of the Wolf cover -- although, among other things, he used a different font. Which makes it a nice sideways tribute to the Wolf, whose music certainly echoes in the Black Keys.

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