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The Wienermobile Is in Town...

By admin Published: November 4, 2008

Because I have no attention span, I of course stopped what I was doing to join some other folks here in taking a look. (I have posted a local itinerary after the jump.) Because I have watched entirely too much TV in my life, the Wienermobile made me remember this ad:

And this one:

I, of course, liked to sing the second verse.

This next one seems good for Election Day. A reader asked about a Huey Lewis rendition of the National Anthem. And, in tribute to our global village, I offer this version:

And, as long as I am doing the National Anthem, let me offer one of the greatest versions ever, from Marvin Gaye (some talking at the beginning):

Then, bringing this full circle, Ben with the wienermobile told me about people who try to sing the Oscar Mayer jingle to the Star-Spangled Banner. Here's a bad attempt:

And so to the jump. ...

Here are the local stops for the Wienermobile....

Tuesday—November 4, 2008
Keep your eyes peeled for a giant hot dog roaming the streets of Akron!

Wednesday—November 5, 2008
-Mobile Meals (10:45am-1pm)
Sutliff Apartments
1850 2nd St Cuyahoga Falls, OH

-Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank (2pm-4pm)
350 Opportunity Parkway Akron, OH

Thursday—November 6, 2008
-Habitat Restore (10am-2pm)
1020 Canton Rd Akron, OH

-Giant Eagle (3pm-6pm)
-2775 W Market St Fairlawn, OH (330)836-1504
-Food Drive for Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank

Friday—November 7, 2008
-Green Team—Operation Clean Streets (10am-2pm)
58 Exchange St Akron, OH

-Giant Eagle (3pm-6pm)
-205 West Ave Tallmadge, OH (330)633-7088

Saturday—November 8, 2008
-Giant Eagle (10am-2pm)
-75 Graham St. Cuyahoga Falls, OH (330)928-66

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