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There's an Old Joke ...

By Rich Heldenfels Published: November 13, 2012

A guy goes on a bender, wakes up  soberand tries to figure how he can explain his absence to his wife. Finally, he grabs a phone, calls home and says, "Don't pay the ransom, honey! I've escaped."

I've escaped, too.

No bender involved. I just took a long break from this blog to pursue other actviities. Among them: Performing at "Dancing for the Kids" on Friday (and thank you, everyone, for your support). Akron football game Saturday afternoon (bleh). Two movies with the bride on Saturday: "Flight" and "Skyfall." More about them later. Church on Sunday, with a lovely tribute to veterans, including my younger son, Conor,. currently serving in Afghanistan. Show by acapella groups at UA, followed by the MAC championship soccer game, won by Akron -- which then got dogged once again by the NCAA, receiving a fifth seed in spite of being first or second in every significant ranking of men's soccer teams NATIONALLY.

Some TV viewing, mainly catching up on things stacked up in the DVR from last week. Reading here and there, mostly Anne Lamott.

Monday included teaching, housecleaning, making a nice dinner with the bride (marking a return to times when we could actually cook together) and grading papers. Life is beginning to feel sane again. But sanity in this case meant not blogging.

But I am now back, and there will be much to talk about. Seeing the last "Twilight" movie on Wednesday night. Talking to  Lamott on Thursday (before her arrival in Akron for a talk next Tuesday). And various other things, including a joke or two.

And,. speaking of jokes (and winding up my political commentary for the time being): A reader, after reading a column where I mentioned my Obama vote, screeched, "He can't defend his record, so he slanders his opponent, makes excuses, and divides the country." And I wanted to say: You're confused. I didn't vote for Romney.

I'm here all week. Tip your waitress.


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