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This Is Opening Up?

By admin Published: January 25, 2010

That's what "Inside Edition" called this bob-and-weave with Jay Leno. From today's email, a plug for an "Inside" segment today:

Jay Leno opens up to INSIDE EDITION about his relationship with Conan O’Brien, speaking out for the first time since he was officially renamed the host of “The Tonight Show.”

Leno didn’t seem fazed by the hard fought late-night war, smiling and joking as he headed in to perform at a California comedy club.

Inside Edition: “Are you and Conan still friends?”
Leno: “I hope so.”
Inside Edition: “Are you worried its going to tarnish your image?”
Leno: “You know what’s good for tarnish? Vinegar and ammonia.”
Inside Edition: “Jay, did this whole thing get too nasty?”
Leno: “It’s show business!”
Inside Edition: “Are you confident you’re going to beat David Letterman in the ratings?”
Leno: “I’m not confident about anything."

Leno is appearing with Oprah on Thursday, where he probably won't get away with answers like these.

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