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Thoughts Re "Glee"

By Rich Heldenfels Published: February 22, 2012

The more I think about last night's "shocker" episode, the more I think two things:

The suicide attempt was no surprise; in fact, the poor guy has been in such emotional pain,  I've been waiting for it for weeks.

The final moment felt like something out of a season finale of "One Tree Hill,." Only OTH would have had four people in the car.

OK, that sounds glib. But last night's "Glee" was glib, terribly so. Having decided to put a terrible event early on, it then had to make the people warm and caring, even when that was out of character. (Sue hormonally nice? The evil Warbler having a sudden change of heart? I kept waiting for a twist instead of the endless stream of uplifting bromides and songs.)

For a really powerful expression of "Glee" disenchantment, see here:

As for the cliffhanger, as I said, that was something more in keeping with a fundamentally melodramatic show like "One Tree Hill" (and fans of that show will recognize the comparison to one of its wilder cliffhangers).

A year or two ago, I would have said that I expect better from "Glee." But these days, I don't really. It's an awkward, ungainly creature which is no longer redeemed by its occasional heart-tugging moment. It's a machine cranking out dollars and dragging in viewers with constant contrivance and silly musical medleys. (Speaking of which, who were all those new New Directions girls performing at regionals? Carryovers from the earlier schism?) It's not even infuriating. It's just tiresome.



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