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Thursday: "30 Rock," "The Office," "Earl," "Grey's"

By admin Published: October 25, 2007

Not everything on Thursday night was my cup of tea, but ...

Alec Baldwin demonstrated once again he is a genius on "30 Rock." Yes, the basic surprise of the bit -- playing everyone in Tracy's family -- was spoiled in the promos. But it was still a tour de force to see. And the episode needed that. The battle of the pages was one of those ideas that even the show knew couldn't go anywhere; hence the abrupt end. The Carrie Fisher subplot had some good bits (and Carrie even let some of her own autobiography in there) but it wasn't as riotous as it might have been. But my gosh, Baldwin.

Another nice piece was Michael's ad for Dunder Mifflin. A small reminder that every now and then he knows what he is doing, while still managing to be funny. (I would have loved a scene where he talked Stanley into the orange jumpsuit.) Nice point, too, about the people in the office wanting even a little, odd recognition. But the episode staggered on its way to that point. There's a lot that's unsettling in the show right now, not only in the Dwight-Angela saga but in Jim-Pam. I've mentioned before that we're not seeing a nice side of Jim and it appeared again tonight, when he bulldozed over Pam's animation work to show her Dwight's online world. Yes, there was a good payoff in seeing what Philly Jim, but the bulldozing felt more than a little like something Roy would have done to Pam. So, was Pam always attracted to Jim because of some Roy-ness she recognized, or is Jim being changed by the relationship into something he thinks Pam expects, or what?

"My Name Is Earl," so-so episode (no "Respect the Meat") and I'm not convinced Alyssa Milano is adding anything to the mix. On the other hand, the show had some more good lines: Joy's about her water, Earl's prison-date dialogue about surgery.

Finishing the comedies, I've had a disc of the season premiere of "Scrubs" sitting around, and wasn't excited enough to watch it. It's just never been one of my shows. I finally put the disc in this afternoon, and wasn't excited enough to finish it. Still isn't one of my shows.

"Grey's" once again felt as if it has gotten back on track. Still don't want to see Izzie and George. And when the heart-transplant dad was being intransigient, I told the bride, "George is going to say something wise," and he did. We all knew Ava wouldn't be waiting for Alex. The foot and the chainsaw was really gross. But the stuff with McSteamy and McDreamy was amusing. Cristina and Callie as roommates: potentially very amusing. Meredith isn't annoying me right now. Liked the earless kid, and Bailey's speech.

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