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Thursday Catch-Ups: "30 Rock," "Survivor"

By admin Published: February 27, 2009
Survivor: Tocantina, Castaway, Ben "Coach" Wade on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS �2008 CBS BROADCASTING INC. All Rights Reserved.

I'm not sure who made me more annoyed on Thursday, Larry King on "30 Rock" or Tyson and Coach (left) on "Survivor." But probably Coach. Look at the preening in that photo...

Not a great "30 Rock." The best line may have been Liz's early "That doctor was a quack!" At least, that made me laugh out loud when not much else in the episode did. There were possibilities in Jack's taking a romantic vacation, but they never really materialized. The Tracy-on-Larry-King parts were even worse. Do you think King realized that the show was making fun of him -- taking anything Tracy said as worth talking about, shoehorning Tracy into the financial story just because he happened to be the guest, and doddering?

It also made me believe that for a lot of King's extracurricular appearances, he is given a general idea what to do and then allowed to talk on his own; for a show like "30 Rock," where lines matter, he seemed to be trapped in delivering them verbatim, with stiff results. So I await better things -- and no Larry King -- in the future.

I am sticking around "Survivor" mainly for the moment when Coach and Tyson on "Survivor." Arrogant, nasty, quick to blame and just as quick to try to dodge it, they're coming across as a real pair of creeps: Thing One and Thing Two. There was mild satisfaction in seeing them set up the scheme to oust Erinn only to have to backpedal -- since they went along with the Jerry landslide -- because Coach couldn't get enough votes for his plan.

There has to have been a conversation left in the editing room where Coach gets told what's what by the others. But -- I think it was Erinn -- seemed to pinpoint Coach's problem when she said that he offers his plans but then steps back and says everyone else can decide. That's not leadership, but it looks like what Coach did on the Jerry vote.

And as much as I dislike Coach, there's Tyson coming on like Coach Jr., all excited about being the assistant to the Master, and about sticking it in other people's ear. He's like one of the ratty minions to the Sensei. Maybe we'll get a moment when Coach tells him to sweep the leg.

Yes, "Karate Kid" references are welcome here.

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