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Thursday Morning: ''Idol'' Theme, ''Amazing Race,'' ''Veronica Mars

By RD Heldenfels Published: April 27, 2006

Fox has announced the musical themes for next week's ''American Idol.'' '' Next week, the remaining contestants will each perform two songs,'' says the network, ''one from the year when they were born, and any Top-10 Billboard charts from this week.''

In other words, we're back to making it easy on the remaining performers. After all, with post-''Idol'' marketing to consider, including the winner's CD, it's better not to embarrass anyone left on the show.

After my usual Wednesday frenzy of ''Idol'' (watching, blogging, podcasting), the bride and I wound down with ''The Amazing Race.'' Sorry to see Fran and Barry go, because they were both likable and -- at times -- pretty good at the game. Even sorrier to see them go because MoJo turned into such a nasty, horrible pair. Even though people are stressing from the intensity of the game, I have to wonder if the editing is affecting perception -- that either they were mean before and it was edited out, or they just hit a nasty streak that was played prominently in the show. Either way, MoJo gave off a Rob & Amber vibe that I just did not like.

As for ''Veronica Mars,'' there's been a theory floating around that Woody is not only a master criminal but something far more predatory, and last night's episode sure seemed to be taking us in that direction. But as deeply as I'm falling into the mystery, this episode makes the highlight reel for Logan's stunning, drunken, pathetic plea to get Veronica back -- and for the way Veronica reacted. The follow-up was not as good; when people don't open the door all the way, you know they're hiding someone. But even there, look at what Jason Dohring, who plays Logan, is doing. Could the Emmy voters please give him some love this year?

Wednesday nights, by the way, are getting too crazy in TV terms, at least in the House of Heldenfels. At 8 p.m. alone, we DVR'ed four things -- ''Alias,'' ''Amazing Race,'' ''Bones''  and''One Tree Hill.''

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