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Thursday Morning Notebook

By admin Published: September 4, 2008

Will have a classic "90210" flashback a little later today.

Song stuck in my head this morning:

Band elbowing its way into my head:

Finally got around to Monday's "The Closer" yesterday afternoon/evening. Pretty good. Liked the Fritz-Brenda moment at the end, I always like it when Brenda's parents (Barry Corbin! Frances Sternagen!) are around, and loved the Pope-Brenda apology to the actor, as well as his reaction.

Watched the first hour of "America's Next Top Model" with the bride on Wednesday night, then moved on. Not a show I have to see, although I keep tabs on it through the bride's viewing, and I was happy over last cycle's winner, even if I can no longer remember her name.

Interesting, though, that after having a plus-size winner last time, this cycle had a contestant who was neither thin enough nor plus enough. And where are they finding contestants who have apparently never watched the show before? Even I know that you'd better have a list of designer names at your fingertips.

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