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Thursday Morning Notebook

By admin Published: October 15, 2009

You can find a link to the mailbag in a previous post. My review of "Where
the Wild Things Are," which I liked, is here. My immediate reaction to the movie was "Very cool." The review tries to explain why, but probably neglects to make the "Very cool" clear.

Some Wednesday viewing notes after the jump.

I was disappointed by last night's "Glee." Too much of the fake pregnancy, which is the show's weakest element, and pushing too hard to get Sue into every scene, and the musical numbers were not as good as the show has been at times in the past. Hoping for better.

"Modern Family" was good overall, very funny and yet real in the way it dealt with how family members deal with each other through surrogates within the family, and the "mommy" and "daddy" scene was great. I had problems with Dylan proving insightful -- too much Keanu in the original "Parenthood" -- but you knew the song was going to go badly. On the other hand, following up the song with everyone singing it the next day wasa good touch. And I downloaded the song from last night. Of course, ABC had spoiled some of it by including the wife/ex-wife throwdown in the promos.

"The Middle" continues to amuse, not as much as "Modern Family," but it's working for me; it's become "Malcolm in the Middle" with Lois as the central character, but that's fine.

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