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Thursday Night: ''Grey's Anatomy," "The Office," "Survivor," "CSI," "My Name Is Earl"

By admin Published: September 28, 2007

Notes and spoilers if you haven't watched yet, in series alphaetical order, after the jump ...

"How many Emmys do you get for treating a deer?"

Well, I fudged a little with "CSI," fast-forwarding to near the end to see if Sara bought it or not. And it's a testament to William Peterson's acting that I still felt a tug of emotion as he looked at Sara in the helicopter. But that may not mean she's going to be around long; is reporting, based on sources, that Jorja Fox still doesn't have a new contract with the show and she will be gone in November. And TVG's Michael Ausiello is chummy with Fox, and has an interview with her online -- although Fox is coy about her future in the formal interview.

"Grey's Anatomy" was a disappointment in almost every way. One diehard fan told me this morning that she may not be back for more. I did like the milder tone (that is, no one died in this episode), and I'll always watch Bailey and the Chief, and Cristina with her interns was fun. Also, Alex's smirk after he told his interns not to complain. But let's look at some of the big gaffes.

Starting with three words for Izzie: CALL A VETERINIAN!! She has time to sit and study deer anatomy online, but doesn't think to call a vet? She's an idiot, and still poison for George.

Another gripe: Meredith's sister has been to med school, and doesn't know that introducing yourself in the middle of an ER crisis is a bad idea? Another: They're doing an Addison on Callie, taking a formerly strong character and making her soft and weak. And obviously there's more punishment to come for Callie, what with George being a complete idiot about Izzie.

Speaking of George, if the intern gossip has included Izzie's killing a guy, don't you think someone would know that he's repeating his internship -- and he's married to the chief resident? Anyone? Anyone?

Too much aggravation.

"My Name Is Earl," which I had seen before telecast but didn't get around to blogging about, was a sturdy show. And it did a nice job of maintaining the issue of the list while keeping Earl in jail. Lots of comic possiblities there for the future. And the present included such delights as Joy's rubber band and Randy's car theft.

And how very funny was Ben Foster?

Two connective thoughts about "The Office": Between it and "Grey's," it was not a good night for animals. Between it and "Earl," we saw that an hour of a sitcom is plenty manageable, even when those hours are structured so they can be neatly split into two half-hours for syndication.

And, while there have been weeks when I found "Earl" to be funnier than "The Office," this was not one of them. "Earl" was sturdy. "The Office" was creepy-brilliant.

Meredith hit by the car. Kevin and Oscar studying the mating habits of Jim and Pam. Jan threatening Pam.

Here's an episode I would like to see: Jan suspecting Angela has her eyes on Michael. What a throwdown that could lead to.

More goodies: The deep blush on Jim when the documentary makers show them the car footage. (That was one of several reminders about the docu crew; there was also the doctor eyeing the camera.) Dwight, Angela and Sprinkles. This was really creepy in my house, where one of our cats died not long ago, but still funny. And I should note that the actress who plays Angela has been on the cover of at least one cat magazine.

I read them at the vet's.

Creed's creeds. The guys' escaping the 5K. The way the route wasn't in a circle. Michael's knowing the "nurse." It was just nonstop funny.

Finally, "Survivor." Goodbye, Ashley, fangs for the memories. Mildly entertaining but I'm not yet feeling must-see about it.

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