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Thursday Notebook

By admin Published: July 2, 2009

Today's mailbag column, with questions about the end of "Soap," a pregnancy on "The Bold & The Beautiful" and how to connect your VCR to your digital-to-analog box, is here. And since there was some delay in getting last week's mailbag online, you can find it here. That one includes some FAQs for the mailbag.

I read with some interest the new Todd Purdum piece on Sarah Palin from Vanity Fair. Can't say it changed any of my thinking about her. But it did make me think of some other recent reading: "Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus," a book by Rick Perlstein. It was part of my vacation reading, and has lots of parallels between Palin's view of political tactics and Goldwater's. It's also a good book even without that context.

After a break, I have started posting again over at Northeast Ohio Onscreen. One item deals with a 1999 TV-movie with Judd Nelson as Alan Freed, which is coming out on DVD next week, as well as a "Sports Night" shot at Akron. Another looks at the "West Wing" episode "Mr. Willis of Ohio." Coming soon is a hat tip to Rick Dailey and his Web site about locations where "Route 66" was made, including quite a few in NE Ohio.

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