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Thursday Notebook

By admin Published: July 30, 2009

You can find my review of "Funny People" here. It covers my problems with the movie, and some of the things I liked. But even with the things I liked, they often consisted of material I admired, or ambition I respected, more than stuff that made me go to people and  say, "You have to watch this."

This week's mailbag is here. Topics include Ray Winstone, Abby Ham, "Victory Garden" and "The Great Texas Dynamite Chase."

I have carefully studied all the Indians' moves and determined that the new starting lineup is Boyle, Rahim, Engelberg, Agilar, Agilar, Ogilvie, Feldman, Stein, Lupus.

Fox has announced its "Glee" mall tour lineup, which to my great irritation includes places like King of Prussia, PA, and Paramus, NJ, but nowhere in NE Ohio. You can find the details here.

The new issue of People has a reunion cover of the cast of "Saved by the Bell." No Screech, but Tiffani Thiessen is there, which is too bad. Her "too busy" video for Funny or Die was terrific. And can be seen here:

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