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By admin Published: August 13, 2009

Legendary guitarist Les Paul has died. He was 94. And a genius, of course, both in his technological innovations and his playing. I've been listening some lately to Paul's recorded collaborations with Chet Atkins, and they're often amazing, especially in the way Paul's virtuosity and daring seem to push Atkins to greater boldness. (Atkins was a pretty serious picker, of course, but he could be understated.) Not that Atkins was unique in feeling a need to do better because of Paul. Generations of guitarists did.

You can find a Malcolm X Abram story and interview with Paul from 2008 here.

Here's Les with Mary Ford, talking about and demonstrating his use of multiple tracks:

Brooks & Dunn have announced they are splitting next year. CMT will have an interview with them on Saturday. The release:

NASHVILLE – August 13, 2009 – Country music duo Brooks & Dunn spoke exclusively with CMT INSIDER’s Katie Cook yesterday about their decision to split up after 20 years of performing together. The interview, done on-site at a taping of INVITATION ONLY: BROOKS AND DUNN, will air on CMT INSIDER this Saturday, August 15 at 1:30 p.m., ET/PT.

“We feel good about it, though, I mean honestly, we both feel like it’s just too good of a horse to ride it into the ground, so that’s kinda it,” said Brooks.

“I think we realized this may be it, but if it is, the one thing that we will always have in common is how much we appreciate our fans and what they have given us, not just the lifestyle but the 20 years of going on stage…so we just immediately went into how do we wrap this thing up? What’s the classy, right way for us to do this? And that’s what we’re focusing on now.”

During the INVITATION ONLY taping, Brooks & Dunn reiterated that though they are parting ways, the two remain good friends. INVITATION ONLY: BROOKS & DUNN premieres Friday, October 30 on CMT.

The duo announced on August 10 that they would be parting ways after the release of their greatest hits compilation #1s…And Then Some on September 8 and “The Last Rodeo Tour” in 2010.

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