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Thursday Notebook

By admin Published: September 3, 2009

This week's mailbag is here. Questions about "Guiding Light" and other topics. I have also chatted with Akron's Frank Dicopoulos, a longtime regular on "GL," for a story to run in a week or so, before the last CBS telecast. Although CBS is ending its relationship with the show, and taping stopped a couple of weeks ago, Frank is still hoping that "GL" owner Procter & Gamble will find another home for the daytime serial in some form. And he firmly believes that there is a loyal audience for daytime dramas like "GL." More about all that, as I said, in a later story.

I watched the revised version of the "Glee" pilot last night, and I still enjoy the show. But the major change from the original pilot was the insertion of "Leaving on a Jet Plane," and that didn't work very well. While there are plenty of times when the show is absolutely right in its song selection, this was more of a case of shoehorning in something that was only vaguely appropriate. Just a gimmick -- like the "tweet-peat" telecast, to get people back in tune with "Glee." But I still have faith in the show, and was generally pleased with the next two episodes. We can talk more after you start seeing new stuff next week.

Speaking of new shows, my overview of the fall season, including briefs about new series and premiere dates for new and old broadcast-network programs, will be in Sunday's Beacon Journal. I will also post links here.

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