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Thursday Notebook: "30 Rock," "Idol Gives Back" and A Clip

By admin Published: April 10, 2008

I've had Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" stuck in my head this morning, and it makes me smile, so maybe it will do likewise for you. I like the way this YouTuber used it. (Note: Some strong language in the song.)

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Tonight the NBC comedies are all back and new, and "30 Rock" sent out two episodes for preview. Yes, I laughed, although the episode tonight is not as strong as the one next week. Tonight's extended presentation of "MILF* Island," the faux reality show that has become a huge hit for NBC in "30 Rock's" alternate universe, is stunning. And there's a line about Randy Quaid that still makes me snort. Oh, and a comic-strip joke that's a great throwaway. But the paralleling of the characters' lives and the reality-show world is pushed a little too hard. Still, I am delighted to have the show back -- and next week's episode is a nutfest.

I ended up doing a speed-watch through "Idol Gives Back," and saw everything I wanted to from the 2 1/2-hours-plus telecast in less than an hour. For an all-star fund-raiser, it wasn't all that star-studded, especially when you look at the music.

THREE songs from the "Idol" contestants? Two from Miley Cyrus? And if you're going to bring on Heart, then let them play without ceding the stage -- and most of the camera shots -- to Fergie. Especially when Fergie has just sung.

Interesting, though, that the Wilson sisters reached back for "Barracuda" instead of for one of their big ballads, which have been covered on "Idol." Perhaps they -- or someone -- didn't want to show the "Idol" contenders how the songs sound when done really well.

Other music. Hm. Carrie Underwood, fine, fine, let's move on. Annie Lennox, deeply emotional again, but I was thinking that -- taken out of the TV context --her "Many Rivers to Cross" would sound ragged. Liked the Snoop song, though. That I might download.

(A brief update: I kept thinking I had forgotten something. It was Teri Hatcher and the Band From TV. I like the band. Hatcher started off better than I expected, but then she sounded more like an actress who shouldn't sing.)

*If you don't know what a MILF is, do not expect an explanation here. And don't blame me for what you run across if you Google it.

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