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Thursday TV, Part 1: "The Office," "Saturday Night Live"

By admin Published: October 17, 2008


Two pictures from "The Office" because it was too good for just one. Above, Jan singing "Son of a Preacher Man," in one of those funny-but-cringe-inducing moments that are "The Office's" specialty. Below, the Michael-Holly hug -- and if there isn't an Emmy somewhere for what Amy Ryan did with her eyes in that scene, then there is no justice. (All right, I know there is no Emmy justice. But let's embrace the glory of that moment.


More good stuff: Dwight's stroller testing. Dwight on babies. Jim and Pam being out of sync, and the redeeming cell phone call at the end. The baby-shower preparation (which alone included "Astird," "Did you get the live storks?" and "Where's my golden shower?"). Phyllis on running the party-planning committee and Angela's "little grape head." Guessing the baby pictures. Stanley's comparison of himself to pregnant women. Creed's line about Omaha Beach. Unbelievably funny all the way -- and then paid off with Michael's loving, Jan-defying hug of Holly.

Wish I could say the Thursday edition of "Saturday Night Live" was as good, but it wasn't. They don't seem to have a good handle on the campaign -- the McCain/Joe the Plumber/imaginary friend bit had a satisfying looniness but not in a way that had anything to do with McCain.

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