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Thursday TV, Part 2: "Grey's Anatomy," "Survivor"

By admin Published: October 17, 2008


I thought "Grey's" was a pleasant little episode, not great but -- indicating still more improvement in the show this season -- not irritating. I am having a hard time remembering the last time Meredith ticked me off, or that Izzie was irritably insane. The Izzie-Kerev battle went on longer than necessary, but the back-and-forth was redeemed by Derek's warning at the end of the episode. In fact, it was a moment where Derek acted in a manner that we would have expected from the Chief; it suggested how Derek is changing -- that he is showing more firmness and confidence in his work, in part because he is not overly distracted by the ups and downs of the relationship with Meredith. Even if he was feeling at odds with Meredith in that moment, it was nothing compared to what has been "at odds" between them in the past.

The dermatology stuff was pretty amusing, the kid going into the wrong surgery was well done. My own beef: As adorable as Callie and Hahn are as a couple, I don't for a minute buy Callie's anatomical nervousness. They're both doctors. They have spent more than a little time around bodies, and have undoubtedly pondered their own. This storyline underestimated and devalued them.


As for "Survivor," well, the reconstituted Fang certainly declared, "GC, you aren't with we." (I know it's ungrammatical. But it sounds good.) And it may have been a serious miscalculation not to take out Sugar when her confidence was high. (As is so often the case with "Survivor," we obviously did not see the conversation where the anti-Sugar tide turned.) But right now I am asking myself if there is anyone on "Survivor" that I want to win. We seem to spending a lot of time on the smug, the crybabies, the arrogant, the people who are annoyingly certain they have the game locked. No fun in that, unless and until they are taken down by someone admirable.

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