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Thursday Viewing

By admin Published: January 18, 2007

Got to "30 Rock" and "The Office." Not my favorite "Office" episode, mainly because the Andy-annoys-Michael stuff felt too drawn out. In going for the squirmy, the show kind of forgot to be funny, and the phone bit didn't do it for me -- until Andy's fit.

Excellent Dwight-and-Angela reunion, though, and liked the way they handled Jim's feelings at the end. Once again, the show was set up for a TV cop-out -- Jim could have said that he asked Karen to help in the prank first -- but it went for something that felt more real, and all the sadder for it.

I did wish that Dwight stayed at Staples a little longer, if only to give more opportunity to Northeast Ohio's own Yvette Nicole Brown, who played his angry Staples co-worker. Lots of possibilities left unexplored there.

Another decent "30 Rock." Really liked Tina's amazement when the Hair wanted to go out with her, including when the amazement didn't stop. Good payoff to "Gold Case." But I still start as if it's not in "The Office's" league. Tonight, working off DVR, I watched "30 Rock" first and then "The Office" because I figured it would be downhill from "The Office." Not so much this night, maybe, but always a chance.

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