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Thursday Viewing: "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice"

By admin Published: January 9, 2009

"Grey's Anatomy" had one of those passages that sounds suspiciously like a producer-to-audience mea culpa last night, with the Chief lamenting once again about Seattle Grace's ranking 12th, and going through a laundry list of departures and problems that have afflicted the hospital. He also vowed not to leave his little zone of privacy until he figured out to right things.

But nothing in the episode indicates that either the Chief or the show has figured out how to get back on course.

The only thing I need to say to make my argument is, of course, Dead Denny. Or, as I tend now to think of him, Damn Dead Denny. So sick of him, and this weird "Izzie has two lovers" deal, with one real and one pretend, is an even more nauseating prolongation of the storyline-- regardless of the eventual explanation. It's not as if the show is doing well in any other respect (although I did like the Chief's pointing out to Bailey that she has never liked a new doctor on first view, and guest star Eric Stolz's matter-of-face delivery of his serial killer character's spree). But even if it were, every time we go back to DDD, it throws the show off balance. That I cannot abide. The only good thing I can say about "Grey's" last night is that at least I had the BCS on my Slingbox simultaneously, so my time wasn't entirely wasted.

"Private Practice" is now following "Grey's," and it works to the advantage of "Private" since the show's overall blandness is somewhat reassuring after the extremes of "Grey's." But much of my interest involves stuff besides plot and character, such as the appearance by Jillian Armenante, who was on "Judging Amy" with "Private's" Amy Brenneman or the Night of the Siblings that is coming next week as Tyne Daly guest-stars on "Grey's" as Derek's mom while brother Tim is a regular on "Private."

The show itself, enh. It wants to be -- well, I am not sure what it wants to be, other than good, and instead it ends up largely a bore. Even the deliberately heart-wrenching stuff like the measles/vaccination/autism story, just kind of sits there. Making me wonder how much longer I will do likewise.

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