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Thursday Viewing: "Survivor," "Office," "Grey's"

By admin Published: February 9, 2007

Night of the nonstop nicknames and other stuff, after the jump ...

Haven't gotten through all the Thursday night shows I wanted yet, but here's a start:

Boo, Rocky, Dreamz -- "Survivor" was indeed the night of the nonstop nicknames. Reasonably diverting episode, especially for the premiere, but I'm still trying to sort out characters. It was better, though, to have put aside the deliberate racial baggage from last go-round, since the issue will arise anyway just from the people interacting. I'll be back for more.

"Grey's" felt off. Probably the burden of coming up with a big, multi-part sweeps story. Didn't buy Izzie spending so much time with one patient. Meredith's end-of-episode plunge was silly. There was a real lack of urgency in the way everyone approached the disaster, at the scene and at the hospital, and a distinct absence of organization at the scene. Bailey when written properly doesn't allow that level of chaos. And, while it may have been partly because I was so tired when I started watching, the whole episode felt slow -- dragged out, again probably a function of having to keep the story going for at least another week.

"The Office" was one of those make-you-squirm episodes more than a make-you-laugh, as Michael longed to be the center of attention at Phyllis's wedding. My buddy Alan Sepinwall mentioned this morning that the cake scene at the end felt out of place, and it is -- Michael should have been kicked out of the reception by that point. My guess is that it was a deleted scene they decided to tack on before the credits, knowing that it gives them an easy cut for syndication.

In case you're wondering if I had anything to say about Anna Nicole Smith, you can find today's column here.

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