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Tonight the Craziness Starts for Real

By admin Published: September 24, 2007

As much as there was to watch during the summer, it still isn't the same as the fall.

In the fall, multiple DVRs are doing multiple duty. In the fall, thanks to the changing landscape, I'll be keeping an eye out for online videos of shows -- in case the DVRs blow a gasket.

And I get to see a lot of things in advance.

(Hello, "Videodrome"...)

I've seen "Chuck" and "Journeyman" and "Big Bang Theory," so no need tonight. I've seen tonight's "Prison Break," for that matter, not that I'm all that interested, and I'm done with "K-Ville."

Still, I've already got machines set for "How I Met Your Mother," "Two and a Half Men," "Dancing With the Stars" and "Heroes." I've already regretfully noticed that "Men," "Heroes" and "Dancing" air simultaneously for half an hour -- hence that plural "machines."

The next thing will be in which order to watch things. "Dancing," then "Heroes"? "HIMYM," a little "Dancing," then "Heroes"? Which will be the best to watch via recording to fast-forward through things: "Dancing" because it is padded? "Heroes" because I won't want to wait through ads (and I've been spoiled by watching the first season entirely on DVD)?

Tuesday won't be so bad this week. I've seen "House," and am working on a post about it, and "Bones," and "Cane." But I'm also looking at weeks where I have movie screenings in the evening. And at some point the review discs will run out. Then the craziness morphs into sheer viewing madness.

Just in time for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ... and probably weekend catchup.

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