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Tony Snow's Head

By RD Heldenfels Published: April 26, 2006

(Those of you looking for last night's ''American Idol'' post, see below.)

I have been thinking about Tony Snow's head. I will chalk some of that up to mental fuzziness. Didn't get enough sleep last night. Then, just as I thought I had a plan worked out for this morning, my bride looked at our main calendar and saw that I was taking the car in for service. Which I had forgotten. ''Oh, goodness, goodness, goodness,'' I said, only I wasn't exactly saying ''goodness.'' Anyway, got the car to the shop, got a ride to the office, got my plan for the morning more or less back on track. And thought about Tony Snow's head.

(A consumer advisory of sorts: Snow and I have a slight professional connection, with the Newport News Daily Press on our respective resumes, though our terms of service did not overlap.)

Back to Snow's capped mountain. It's a very TV-friendly head, isn't it? Snow is good-looking enough that you can almost forget what he is actually saying and think, gee, what a pleasant fellow.

This may explain why it's a good idea for the White House to have Snow as its new press secretary. Doesn't matter what he says. Doesn't matter if he so alienates the White House correspondents that reporters start throwing spitballs at him. He'll look good, he'll sound good. The reporters badgering him will seem petty and mean, and in many cases less attractive.

You think this is trivial? Not even close. Looks count in politics, the same way they count in anything else involving television. Consider the glam advantage Sean Hannity has over Alan Colmes. Consider how much less air time Ann Coulter would get if she wasn't a leggy blonde. As able as Katie Couric is, she wouldn't have gone as far if people wished she wore a bag over her head.

So Tony Snow's head matters. To mix anatomy, it gives the White House a leg up on TV.

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