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Tough Times for Local Anchors' Families

By Rich Heldenfels Published: July 15, 2013

The mother of WKYC's Robin Swoboda has passed away; Robin had posted several times recently about her mother's failing health and this morning posted the following:

One of the funniest, sweetest women ever went to heaven this morning. Tamara Swoboda was the best mom I could have asked for and taught me so much about life and getting through anything with humor. I will miss you lil momma. Who will answer my turkey cooking questions now???

Stefani Schaefer of WJW has provided regular updates on the health of her husband Roger, and the news doesn't get any better. Her latest post is below; I bold-faced a couple of key passages.

I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend. On my July 10 post, many of you asked for an update on Roger. We just got home a little while ago from visiting with him today. He unfortunately, is at a an out of state specialized hospital for patients with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) so we can’t visit as much as we would like. He is receiving excellent care and intense therapy. Still no short term or long term memory. In fact, we just finished an activity with him that we had been doing for close to two hours and as we finished, he asked when we were going to start it. Memories and moments just don’t stick. He didn’t know who I was at all today, but when his mom asked him who she was, he said, “Mom.” We were elated. When we get smiles from him….they melt our hearts. The kids were so happy to be with him today – they were just precious with him. The year and a half has gradually prepared us for what we are left with. It’s so painful to not be with him…. but when we are with him and he is so confused and doesn’t know us, that is also very painful and heartbreaking. It makes all of us so sad. When we were leaving today, I prayed that he would ask us to stay – or wonder where we were going…. but he didn’t. He is very content and happy where he is. He just doesn’t know there was another life of his that existed. That is just such a hard and complex concept to wrap my head around. Physically, he is getting stronger… I know the therapy is helping with that. Medically, he is being watched very closely for all the complications from his TBI. He has so many great nurses and doctors – with him at every moment. Several doctors have told me that Roger’s injury to his frontal and temporal brain lobes were just so major that the hope of “rerouting”, “redirecting” or tissue regenerating isn’t a possibility. We are still praying and keeping very hopeful – all while trying very hard to accept what has happened and accept that this is how he is. As I’ve written before… we all trying – forcing ourselves at times – to keep living, keep laughing and keep experiencing life. That first year was just such a struggle – and actually painful – to do any of those things. We now make an effort to be with friends, go to events – get out and live – Roger would want us to.

Thoughts and prayers for them.

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