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Tuesday Morning Notebook

By admin Published: June 24, 2008

-- If you've seen one of the ads for the Lifetime movie "The Tenth Circle," you may think it got pretty good reviews. After all, there are these big quotes calling it "fascinating," "powerful" and other things. But there's a catch. The voiceover for the ad notes that it's based on "the book critics call..." with the quotes being about the book, not the TV adaptation (which, by the way, I didn't care for).

Ron Eldard in "The Tenth Circle"

Now, the ad is technically honest, but just barely so. It's clear that it's aimed at people who may be glancing at the screen and not really listening. It even shaves one bit of praise for the book, from Entertainment Weekly, down to "... will take your breath away." In fact, the voiceover says "it will take your breath away." While the EW review of the book is positive, the original quote is actually "the first three pages of this book will take your breath away."

-- Justin Gaston is gone from "Nashville Star," and I can't kick. As he demonstrated again last night, he's good-looking but not much of a singer. (I'd like to hear the arrangement he used of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" done by someone with a better voice.) But last night's "NS" was so very weird. Not just because of the countrifying of pop songs -- "Love Shack," "True Colors," "Umbrella" -- but because the staging looked like a tribute to the "Hullabaloo" dancers. ("Hullabaloo." Sixties. Ask your parents.)

And speaking of old stuff, whenever the barely awake Billy Ray Cyrus made one of his many references to "pop goes country," did anyone else think of the syndicated show "Pop! Goes the Country." No? Come on, it wasn't that long ago. One of my references says it was on from 1974 to 1983. Which is only ... well ... 25 years ago. OK.

-- Here's a little something to amp up your morning:

Saw D&B in the early '70s, interviewed Bonnie a few years later, always liked their stuff -- with or without celebrity sidemen.

And here's a song that got stuck in my head on the way to work:

Anyone remember their version of "Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries"?

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