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Tuesday Morning Notebook

By admin Published: October 21, 2008

On the link, Alec Baldwin talks, a bit testily, about Sarah Palin's "Saturday Night Live" appearance. He makes a reasonable point about how you treat people when you are face to face -- or when you are their TV host. It reminds me of a long-ago conversation with the notorious Morton Downey Jr. As abrasive as he could be on his own show, he said he dialed it down while appearing on others'. After all, he said, he was their guest.


I've been thinking about the Tampa Bay Rays' win over the Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship Series, and I am OK with it. Although I was one of those long-suffering Bosox fans, that feeling went away when they finally won the World Series in 2004. And in '07, my more recent loyalty to the Cleveland Indians -- along with the Sox' finally having their own World Series rings -- meant I was hoping the Indians were finally getting their turn. Alas, no.

But here's another reason why the Rays' win was good: If Boston had won, they would have become the New York Yankees. They would be, as they had been in 2007, the team that lets young upstarts get close before crushing them mercilessly with big-payroll-generated might. Going to the World Series for the third time in five years (following the wins in '04 and '07) would have just been greedy and selfish. So, for the sake of the Red Sox as well as the Rays, Tampa Bay's win was a form of salvation.

Watched last night's "How I Met Your Mother" with some dismay. Yes, there had been plenty of hints that Ted and Stella were not a match. But what a bleak, humorless episode. This is a show that can twist and turn artfully, changing pitch from the comedic to the dramatic without pausing for breath. But not here. Stella was pushy and even mean from early on, the Robin-in-Japan stuff was not very good, the Barney thing felt off-kilter, Ted was a dope. ... I just hope we don't get a series of Ted-or-Robin-moping episodes after this. Let's get back to the funny.


Bravo, which picked up the replay rights to "Swingtown," will rerun the entire series in a marathon Friday starting at noon.

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