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Tuesday Morning Notebook: "DWTS," "Bones," "HIMYM," "Men" -- Plus A Couple of Afternoon Additions

By admin Published: April 15, 2008

Had some family business last night so I didn't get to all the viewing had hoped. Played catch-up this morning. A few notes on various topics after the jump.

-- Bad night on "Dancing With the Stars." I speed-watched, and may go back for another look, but here are my quick impressions: Mario got things off to a good start but some dancers who have impressed me in the past were subpar. Marlee Matlin and Shannon Elizabeth in particular disappointed. Priscilla Presley did not disappoint because I expect little from her, and that's what I got. Kristi Yamaguchi looked great and revealed considerable passion, but I didn't see much in the way of dancing that wowed me. Jason Taylor was fine but not especially memorable. Cristian de la Fuente really did not seem in synch with his partner, and he looked sloppy. Marissa Jaret Winokur was OK, I guess; she still always looks as if she's about to go insane.

-- Very glad to have "Bones" back. Good interplay among the characters, and decent laughs, especially on the double date. (Nice guest-starring turn by Senta Moses, whom I will long remember for her work on "My So-Called Life." Wish they could figure out a way to bring her back to "Bones.") So-so mystery, but the cases are often the least important reason for watching the show.

-- Good work on "Two and a Half Men." Shotgun for eternity, the chain/circle of screaming, Lily's needs, the crowding into Ted's car, different characters standing in for Marshall. But I expected a bigger finish, and the ending joke about the car -- painstakingly set up -- was too much of a throwaway.

-- Also expected a bigger finish on "Two and a Half Men," although it, too, had me laughing. I'm wondering if one of the problems facing shows that have rushed back into production post-strike is that they can think of plots and gags, but they haven't had enough time to think them all the way through. (Over at "My Name Is Earl," the coma/sitcom bits have been terribly flat.) And am now thinking that the chain/circle of screaming on "HIMYM" was a commentary on post-strike writing -- sure could be read that way.

(Afternoon adds)
-- Because of the people/gossip column I compile four times a week, I'm a regular reader of the often-timely gossip over at But an item today about Disneyland's It's A Small World ride had cobwebs and mold over it. The idea that the ride was suffering from too many fat people was reported more than five months ago, including here and here

-- My column about Gene Wilder and the "Role Model" special airing on TCM can be found here.

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