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Tuesday Night

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 29, 2005

Odd but relieving to have a lighter than usual schedule (no ''Earl/Office,'' no ''Gilmore'' and I had seen ''House''). The DVR got less of a workout, and I could actually watch one show without wondering if I should be flipping over to something else.

There was disappointment nonetheless. About halfway through ''The Amazing Race,'' it began to feel like a ''to be continued,'' and sure enough, it was. Much maneuvering, yet another ''production error'' stalling a team (the Linzes this time), nastiness by and about the Weavers, who fought back into contention. But at the end, it was like one of those episodes where all the scrambling puts everyone at a location that doesn't open until the next morning; this time, it was the viewers who hurried just to wait.

''Bones'' made a comment on the show's basic problem: Its main character comes off as chilly and a bit robotic. So the episode was about how she's really not chilly and a bit robotic -- she has sex, she LIKES sex, she's emotionally vulnerable -- even if almost everyone (including the audience) sees her that way. Does that mean people will like Brennan and the show more? I don't know. I have been getting tired of the Spock-as-anthropologist underpinning of a lot of the character moments (like the incomplete fist-bump). But I did laugh as the underlings pondered their new glimpse into Bones's character and past. Still, I keep thinking that the real Kathy Reichs and the ''real'' (that is, book version) Temperance Brennan are more interesting than their TV incarnation.

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