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Tuesday Notebook

By admin Published: March 3, 2009

So many things in my head. "Watchmen" in about nine hours. "How I Met Your Mother" and "Two and a Half Men" from last night, both funny, but I'll have more to say about them later. And Van Morrison. I fast-forwarded through most of Jimmy Fallon's late-night debut this morning, pausing here and there (Justin Timberlake's John Mayer impression, fabulous) but mostly looking for Van, who closed the show with an "Astral Weeks" selection. Not my favorite LP of his, and I am at times alarmed by his age and obesity -- not to mention hands that look like "Teen Wolf" leftovers. But I've had Van in my head since. "Full Force Gale" and "Bright Side of the Road" in the car. And, from YouTube, this nice Billy Bragg blending of "Tupelo Honey" with "People Get Ready":

As I may have mentioned before, I used "Tupelo Honey" as a lullaby for my sons when they were little. Still gets to me when I think about it.

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