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Tuesday Notebook

By admin Published: November 10, 2009

I want to try to keep this brief because I am headed to Cleveland in a couple of minutes for a screening of "Pirate Radio." ...

Looking forward to it because it comes from the folks behind "Love Actually," one of my favorite Christmas-or-anytime movies, and "Four Weddings and a Funeral," which I also like. You may also want to check out today's online video once it is posted at It includes tomorrow's "Glee," "Near Dark," Madeleine Peyroux, Steve Coogan, big honkin' boxes of "GI Joe" and Adult Swim, "Alice" playing cards, and a little bit of Bob Dylan singing about Christmas. (You can also find an embed of it in the post above this one.)

I did want to note, as I have on Twitter and Facebook, that last night was big laughs on CBS, at least among the three shows I watch. (I decline the self-punishment of viewing "Accidentally on Purpose.") "How I Met Your Mother" did an excellent blending of old pieces (Alan Thicke returns!) with the newness of the Barney-Robin relationship. Smart not to have both of them get fat, but was NPH enjoying overeating or what? And the station-wagon scene was a gem in the great tradition of the Marx Brothers' stateroom.

While "Big Bang Theory" didn't hold up entirely, it had some very funny pieces, including the parental-style wooing of Sheldon from the comic-book store, and the whole idea of the Research Lab board game. Could we get that in stores ... just in time for Christmas? Target Demo would probably like it a lot.

"Two and a Half Men" rebounded from a half-baked breast-reduction episode (saved by the scenes of Alan and his mom) with a nice bunch of interplay with Charlie and Alan; a good bar scene and the discussion between Charlie and his mom. Clowns. Strong men. Carpet King. Splendid.

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