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Tuesday Notebook: "Closer," "Grace," Olympics, Book 'Em Redux

By admin Published: August 12, 2008


TV continues its attempt to look more like TV Land; besides previously announced retoolings of "90210" (see above), "The Prisoner" and "Streets of San Francisco," and Americanizing of imports like "Kath and Kim" and "Life on Mars," there's news that "Hawaii Five-O" will get an updating. I'm withholding judgment until I see young McGarrett's hair.

I'm still watching a fair amount of Olympics. At least, I think that's what I'm watching. Ongoing reports about the way the Chinese juiced the opening ceremonies.

I love Jennifer Coolidge and for that reason alone was reasonably amused by last night's installment of "The Closer." Strange episode overall, though, and not one of my favorites. But at least they decided to keep the whole tone light. "Saving Grace" offered considerable whimsy around guest star Barry Switzer, but then hit a big dramatic note at the end. I know, life is like that, leaping unexpectedly from the light to the heavy. Believe me, I know life is like that. But the episode
never quite figured out how to juggle all the different elements -- Grace's argument with Ham's brother, Grace's car, the old case brought up by the car, Switzer, Ham's brother in Afghanistan. It was messy, and not in an artful way.

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