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Tuesday Notebook: "Hawthorne," Other Stuff

By admin Published: June 16, 2009

I planned to post about "The Closer" but TNT stretched it past the scheduled time on my DVR, so it cut off before the episode ended. So delightful. Will comment after I've seen the last bit.

I have seen "Hawthorne" (or "HawthoRNe," if you abide by the awkward design in some promos), which premieres on TNT tonight. Didn't care for it. Made me wish I had more "Nurse Jackie" to watch, since I've seen all six episodes of that show which TNT sent out. I've seen two "Hawthornes" and that was more than enough.

I have tried to say the dust has settled on digital TV but there is still a lot of antenna-adjusting and box-rescanning and where's-my-stationing-ing going on. Here's part of a letter from one unhappy viewer:

Now we have [digital TV] and if the rest of the residents in New Franklin, that are using rabbit ears, they are like me without ANY of the major networks. We have no way in which to receive the news, emergency weather other than by listening to the radio or the newspapers. Why is this, its because we're in excess of 35 miles from their towers. This limited range of the towers with no repeaters is a travesty.

My recourse now is to waste my stimulus money on an antenna, that the government cautions might not work anyway's or to sign up for cable or a dish both of which are impractical for my lifestyle.

I'll be revisiting this in a couple of weeks.

Over at my Northeast Ohio Onscreen blog, you can find some recent items about "Driving Miss Daisy," "Leave It to Beaver" and other productions.

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