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Tuesday on Fox: "Bones," "House"

By admin Published: November 13, 2007

Best thing on "House" tonight: The shout-out to "Nip/Tuck." ...

(I know, some people are saying it was the firing of Michael Michele. I stand by my pick.) Best thing on "Bones": the ongoing presence of John Francis Daley, who is not only fun on its own but an interesting catalyst in the Bones/Booth relationship.

Beyond that, though, both episodes were a bit blah. "House" even fell back on the tired device of having the cast being followed around for a documentary. OK, it did some fun things with the device, including how the documentary turned out. But it still felt a little too conventional.

As for "Bones," I enjoy it generally but didn't feel enthralled by this episode. Even the relationship-advancing conversation about humiliation was leaned on too often. But the Smurfs thing at the end was somehow cute, endearing and a little hot. Or at least that's how Emily Deschanel seemed to be playing it.

I may post about "Nip/Tuck" later, although I'm still trying to get over that opening scene. You want to talk about humiliation...

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