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TV Saturday: "Anvil: The Story of Anvil"

By admin Published: October 3, 2009

The documentary about the Canadian heavy-metal band airs tonight on VH1 and on VH1 Classic. It will then be released on DVD on Tuesday, and it's at the top of my DVD column for Sunday. It's a good, surprisingly touching piece of work as it follows two of the original members of Anvil on their quest to get into the big time which they did not quite achieve in the '80s. Notable moments: Lips trying to bond with more successful rockers, many scenes from a disastrous European tour, a painful meeting with a record-company executive, emotions exploding, and just seeing these guys going from playing their hearts out to their day jobs. I'd recommend this for anyone with rock dreams, as an example of how difficult it is to become a star, no matter how much you want it or how hard you try to get it.

Consumer advisory: I watched the documentary on DVD, so I can't say exactly what VH1 will do in terms of bleeps, pixels and cuts. But it's a show worth seeing, whether you sample it on TV tonight or wait for the DVD.

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