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By admin Published: November 6, 2008

Today's Beacon Journal includes people commenting on how Tuesday's election changed America. I contacted several TV folks who were nice enough to send comments; unfortunately, by the time I got a couple of them, I had gone home with a wicked cold. Since they went to the trouble of offering their thoughts, I am putting them here.

Leon Bibb, above, the longtime TV newsman for WEWS (Channel 5) offered these words:
We took another step -- a major one -- toward making America what it always said it was, but for too many generations feel short. This country is about people from all backgrounds living under the same flag. What does an American look like? An American looks like me. And an American looks like you. America is a great democracy which shows the world people from many backgrounds, colors, and religions can live under a banner of democracy with each person respecting the next one and allowing each to attain heights which his or her character can find.

And Sharon Reed, above, of WOIO (Channel 19) had this to say:
I am most touched when I think of little Black children in schools across America.. public schools right here in Cleveland who heard it before, but now they can actually see it and even touch such a positive image. This is such strong proof that they really can acheive and ascend to great heights ..The highest office in the land, if they work hard and stay the course.

The president elect got overwhelming support from White Americans and I think it's important we remember that. But then, we should take our respective racial pride and come together. Because Tuesday night means there really is one America. We can respect each other and work to get our country moving again ..Just as Senator McCain pledged to do in his concession speech.

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