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TV Tonight: "The Closer," "Trust Me"

By admin Published: January 26, 2009

It's one of those mornings. Began with a short trip to the dentist (where one of my teeth now has a permanent new crown), then some columnizing, then I wanted to get on here to write about tonight's "Closer" and the new "Trust Me," but I couldn't remember my user name ... And all of this info feels as if it's better suited to my Facebook page. ...

Anyway, good "Closer," dealing with the wedding issue, settling a cliffhanger and once again showcasing the delightful Barry Corbin and Frances Sternhagen as Brenda's parents. A lot of fun.

I keep thinking I should write at length about "Trust Me," but the show leaves me so unenthusiastic that I can barely muster the energy to say that I am unenthused. Starring Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack as two friends working in an ad agency, it tries to be sharp and funny but it falls flat.

As I have said before, it doesn't help "Trust Me" that "Mad Men" has been out there doing brilliant work with an ad-agency setting -- even though there are differences in the two shows, including that "Mad Men" is a period piece and "Trust Me" set in the present day. But I suspect that "Trust Me" would leave me cold even if there were no "Mad Men" out there. In spite of a reasonably capable cast -- which also includes Cleveland's own Monica Potter as a neurotic writer -- the show seems to be expending a lot of effort without getting the desired result. The payoff to the series' premiere, for example, is ludicrous on several levels. And while the second episode was marginally less irritating, it, too, lacked real power.

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