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TV Watch: "Dancing With the Stars"

By Rich Heldenfels Published: April 3, 2012

Monday was a difficult night for people who care about dance, with so many performances wrapped up in emotional memories and crying (by contestants and by Carrie Ann) that the bathos seemed to get judged as much as the footwork. And rhe footwork at times was not that great.

I thought the best performances of the night were by William and Donald, but the show keeps low-balling Donald (and again gave Katherine higher marks than she deserved).

The grudging scores for Donald are even more noticeable when, to borrow a line from Jimmy Iovine on "American Idol," everyone got a trophy and an orange slice. The lowest score for anyone was 24 -- straight 8s -- when my own scorecard was dropping 6s and 7s on people.  If you believe the judges' scores, then Jack, Gavin, Sherri, Melissa and Gladys gave performances of identical quality. I think not. And if I'm sending someone home, it's either Gladys or Melissa; I don't like Sherri either -- and her performance was more posing than dancing -- but she was better than the other two.

Also, Maria got high marks from the judges while I saw a capable presentation of a dance that Derek has offered too often to be interesting any more. And nobody is yet at a real 10 level, let alone the two 10s (CA and Bruno) awarded Katherine for being graceful and having a good sob-story, and the 10 for William.

The crying was so out of control that I had to wonder if Jaleel's tears were sincere, or a defense against all the emotion that had preceded him.

Here are my scores, with the judges' total in parentheses: William, 9 (28)  Donald, 9 (26); Katherine, 8 (29); Maria, 8 (27);  Jaleel, 7 (25);  Roshon, 8 (25); Jack, 7 (24); Gavin, 7 (24); Sherri, 7 (24); Gladys, 6 (24); Melissa, 6 (24).



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