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TV Watch: "Privileged"

By admin Published: September 9, 2008

Premieres tonight on The CW.

Let's say that I became addicted to the new "90210" (unlikely, based on the second hour of last week's two-hour premiere, but I am giving it another chance tonight). And let's further say ...

... that I was looking to spend the hour after it with a show that also involves someone with strong values who has to deal with the wealthy and privileged, and their lack of values, but who tempt me nonetheless because, well, I'm weak and like money. And let's finally say that I don't worry too much about plot, and I can live with storytelling that is painfully obvious, as long as I get, say, a scene where a rich girls' tutor gets zapped with a Taser for trying to wake them before noon.

If we accept all of those things, then there's a good chance I would be watching "Privileged," the new CW drama following the new "90210" in tonight's lineup. But you need a lot of ifs to get me to that point, and there aren't nearly enough Taser scenes to make up for it.

The series involves a flaky Yale graduate whose attempt to launch her writing career in NYC has come to an end. She instead winds up as the tutor to a couple of richies who are living with their cosmetics-empress grandmother since their parents died. Flaky takes her job seriously. The girls, not so much. And even at the end of the first hour, conflicts abound, both in the girls' lives and in Flaky's.

As contemporary soaps go, it's not the worst thing out there. But neither is it something I would set aside an hour every week, or even every other week, to watch. It's palatable but not tasty.

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