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''Veronica Mars''

By RD Heldenfels Published: May 3, 2006

If last night's episode was the last of the season, it would be a pretty dazzling ending. (One quibble: Shouldn't Veronica have thought of Mac as math tutor? First person I thought of.) Once again, money and power had reigned in Neptune. Justice would be denied. Veronica, Logan, Keith, Wallace -- all would have emotional baggage to carry into another season, while evildoers like Woody and Aaron would still be safe somewhere.

Of course, it's not the last episode, and the promos promise some resolution next week. But I hope whatever explanations we get, they don't undercut ''Veronica's'' core issues: the class warfare never ends, that pain doesn't just go away, that life is hard and unfair, and still all we can do is figure out the right thing, regardless of consequences. And I have to admire any show that can fill me with dread for an hour -- and refuse to comfort me at the end.

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