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"Veronica Mars": Old Home Week

By admin Published: May 16, 2007

I know there are two hours left to the season. Still...

Last night's show sure seemed to send us down a road to a finish that will serve as the series' end. Like "Gilmore Girls," the folks at "VM" are tidying up in case someone else gets to move into their time slot.

You've got Dick's father returning (and a reminder that Dick really is a wounded bird). You've got the Kendall killing brought back into the mix. You've got Keith seeking formal election as sheriff, and hostile forces -- especially the Fitzpatricks -- arrayed. (If nothing else, could he please win? Please? My heart breaks for the guy.)

You've got Veronica getting the FBI internship, and drifting away from Piz (who's signed to "Private Practice" for the fall anyway) and the teaser suggesting that she and Logan may have one more clinch in them.

And, in the middle of all that, you have Mac allowed to be happy, and Wallace finding a higher purpose in life.

Also, that whole business about self-contained episodes has once again been thrown out the window; the core characters are as serialized as ever.

My one quibble: Another "big issue" episode, this time about Uganda and child soldiers. Of course, that also feels like a wind-up, the show pushing in some issues they were thinking about getting to later -- and probably more subtly -- only to realize the clock is running.

Sure feels like we're headed toward farewell. I am trying to prepare for it. It won't be easy; no matter how much you prepare for bad news, it still stings when you get it. Oh, well. It could at least give me an hour next season for "Viva Laughlin" or something.

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