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By RD Heldenfels Published: October 27, 2005

Well, tonight was one of those ''Survivor'' episodes where it's obvious at the end that the editors held back crucial information. Amy was voted off, and it wasn't close, and all we saw going into the vote was her attempt at forming an elimination-proof alliance -- not the other alliance that easily trumped hers.

I've become so used to this sort of misdirection on ''Survivor'' that I don't generally mind it. It's like knowing that a magician is distracting you from a tricky hand motion, but if you don't actually see the motion, you're happy to play along. But I'm still having a hard time getting very involved in this ''Survivor,'' and I had gotten to like Amy, so the editorial deception tonight was more annoying than usual.

Besides, I've not been knocked out by what little TV I have managed to see this week. ''Veronica Mars'' had some good scenes, and it's nice to see Wallace get some story time, but it still did not feel like a great episode. The psychic plot felt like one destined to go awry, and once Wallace went missing, it was likely he would be with his father, and the Duncan-Logan friendship just feels peculiar. I keep the bar pretty high with ''Veronica'' and this one wasn't close.

''Gilmore Girls'' was all right earlier in the week, if not extraordinary. I like the way the show refuses to just let Rory and Lorelai hug and be done with their conflict; real families don't patch up things so easily, so neither should they. And I still have a bunch of stuff DVR'ed that I haven't gotten to, so maybe there's a hidden gem.

Or maybe it's just tough to get through a week without a new ''Lost.'' ...

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