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Waiting To Say Hello

By RD Heldenfels Published: March 1, 2006

I spent part of today at home, doing the podcast (see below) and catching up on some viewing for my DVD column, before coming back here to do a few things before tonight's gathering. Of course, when I got back, there was a story breaking -- about Channel 55. (See the announcement below.) That required a few phone calls and some poking through my files. As I write this, I am still waiting to see if one more phone call will be returned before I write the story.

I'm also more than a little twitchy because of all the viewing that awaits. The DVR at home is primed for ''American Idol'' and ''Lost,'' for starters. And the mail that awaited when I came back to the office included four episodes of ''The Sopranos.'' Which I clutched, happily, to my chest in anticipation of viewing.

The anticipation has mounted. A colleague who took a peek has already called, insisting that You have to watch as soon as you can. I would have done so in my office, only it's an office I share with a bunch of people, where the TV screen can also be seen by passers-by, and I don't want to wreck any possible surprise for anyone else.

OK, I couldn't wait. I tried to be discreet -- and have already been startled by one image near the beginning of the episode -- only to realize that the scenes were being observed by a co-worker at another desk. He was comfortable with my continuing to watch. I wasn't.

So now I have to clear my brain in order to focus on tonight's conversation. I'm really looking forward to it, after all. I like talking TV. I was talking ''Amazing Race'' with another fan here when one of our co-workers wondered out loud if it bothered me that people at the Beacon Journal wanted me to stop and talk TV. It doesn't.

I talk ''Amazing Race,'' ''American Idol,'' ''Grey's Anatomy,''Veronica Mars,'' ''Lost'' and other shows with friends here. Even that am-I-bothered guy followed his comment with a TV question. So tonight should be fun. And I may even have some questions for the folks who are there.

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