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Watch "Treme"

By admin Published: April 11, 2010

I have said more about the show, which premieres on HBO tonight, in this week's video. I should also say this: Where "The Wire" in all its genius was about the frustration attending human endeavor because of other humans' failings (especially in social organization), "Treme" is about human endeavor in defiance of disaster: Not even an apocalyptic hurricane-plus-aftermath will keep some folks from trying to make their world, if not the whole word, better. You may have read people saying that "Treme" is more accessible than "The Wire," and it is that. But where those comments at times refer "Treme" being less obscure in terms of storytelling, it should also be taken that, at least in the early going, "Treme" cherishes the human spirit in a way that "The Wire" often suggested was futile. This is not to say that the saga of New Orleans is any more optimistic than that of Baltimore, only that --having been crushed by nature -- the people of New Orleans still rise up.

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