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Watching Roy Scheider

By admin Published: February 11, 2008

Roy Scheider ATJ
Roy Scheider in "All That Jazz"

As you probably know by now, the actor has died. He had a career that could fairly be called spotty, and his big foray into television -- the "SeaQuest" series -- was not a bright spot.

But Scheider could also be an interesting actor, and not just in "Jaws," which still remains the thing he was best known for. A few other performances worth checking out:

"52 Pick-Up." This is a hardboiled adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel, and Scheider fits well into the central role, one of those seemingly average guys who prove formidable when in a jam. I liked it when I first saw it on cable many years ago, and again not long ago when a DVD arrived.

"Marathon Man." It's not a big part for Scheider, as the brother of Dustin Hoffman's character, but it's an important one, since Scheider's character is the one whose actions dictate a lot of what happens in the story.

"All That Jazz." He got an Oscar nomination for playing a thinly disguised version of Bob Fosse -- in a movie directed by Fosse. That alone deserves some attention, but Scheider was also very good in it, managing to convey the worst aspects of his character along with his charm and intelligence. Maybe his best performance, and probably his best movie as the lead.

"The Rainmaker." Again, not a big part. But look what Scheider does with it -- the little ways that he expresses contempt.

Good actor.

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